Chitrakatha’17 Program might be like this…

Dear Chitrakatha fans, both tactile and electronic ones…this 6th edition of our lovely energy of storytellers’ gathering biennially must be eagerly and patiently waiting for the festival schedule to be announced….

Hang on…we will soon upload the detailed sessions, workshops and screening schedule for your eyes, heart and mind only to listen to Dr Feelgood and happy.

Meanwhile here are the kind of 6th edition tentative essay to keep your curiosity alive…

22 October, Sunday we will see many of our friends from far arriving and getting used to the city of COW and other animals! Meanwhile morning half will be the time for wannabes to register, as our registration desk will be open at the NID main gate. Off course one has to do a prior online registration (which will be announced soon) to get the access to this labour of love named Chitrakatha!

There will also be registration formalities for some workshops on limited seats capacity.

Evening will be closed sessions with our NID community but other friends can get familiar with Ahmedabad and get the hang of the drinking water and food and place to stay, as Chitrakatha give you a quality sessions for free hence our beggars banquet can’t afford free food & stay for all, except our speakers and official guests. Please bear with us in good spirit.

From Monday onwards various workshop will take off with our experts those who obliged to give their generous tips and tricks. Whoever is lucky enough to get a seat please value that more than a gold.

Till Wednesday the workshop will continue and from 3pm onwards we will have open sessions and talks in our auditorium. Off course 23 October Monday morning will be the official opening of Chitrakatha’17 and end the day with post dinner Opening feature. There will be post dinner screenings at times, support from Institut De Francais, India in collaboration with Alliance Francaise De Ahmedabad.

There will be 5 Competition entries screening at 6pm for the winners of 6th edition to celebrate with a specially designed trophy and certificate, which will be judged by 5 esteemed Jury member from Africa and Asia!!!

On 28 October 2017 we will close the 6th edition with celebration of International Animation Day or simply saluting mad genius Monsieur Emile Reynaud and his amazing Theatre Optique show, 125 years back!!!

So tie your seat belt till we reveal the entire program and wish Chitrakatha’17 all the best!!!

Sekhar Mukherjee, On behalf of Chitrakatha’17 team