Krishnesh Mehta

Since 1995, Krishnesh Mehta has been teaching
at NID in the Product Design discipline. He holds a
master’s degree in Physics from Gujarat University, a
diploma in Space Sciences and a master’s degree in
Business Administration from Indira Gandhi National
Open University. He underwent the two-year Faculty
Development Programme at NID.
At NID, Krishnesh teaches Design Management, Retail
Merchandising, Multisensory Design, Lighting, Design
Science, Technical Studies, Marketing Communication,
Strategic Design, Design Research, and Design Mix.
Krishnesh’s interests include DSTM Convergence,
Immersive Designs and Futuristic Technologies, Design
Measurement, Multi-Sensory Experiential Design,
Neurophysiology of Creativity, Leadership and Systems
Thinking, 6D Cross Sensory Perceptual and Intuitive User
Interfaces (PUI & IUI), Design for Senses and Behaviour,
and Conceptual Design.

krishnesh[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Activity Vice-Chairperson, Industry & Online Programmes (I&OP)