Swagata S Naidu

Swagata completed her graduation in architecture
from SCET, Surat, South Gujarat University in 2003
and earned her master’s degree in Ceramic and Glass
design from NID in 2007. She joined the institute’s
Outreach department and worked for a year and half.
There she was involved in the development of curriculum
for a 2 year diploma programme for artisans, SIDAC,
a craft institute in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. She also
undertook documentation of Terracotta and toys of
Madhya Pradesh for a need assessment survey. She
has also conducted training and product development
workshops. She has been a faculty with the Ceramic and
Glass Design discipline since 2010. She has four years
of cumulative work experience.
At NID, Swagata teaches Geometrical Construction and
Basic Clay Material to students of the undergraduate
Foundation Programme. She also teaches Basic Design,
Design Drawing, Orthographic Drawings, and Basic Clay
Material courses to postgraduate students of Ceramic
and Glass Design.
Her interests include History of Architecture and Design,
Design for Women’s Empowerment, Sustainable and
Ecofriendly Design, Systems Thinking, Design Research,
Education, Geometry through Material, Ceramic and
Glass in Architecture, and Ceramic and Glass Chemistry.
She was involved in the creation of a series of a small
terracotta installation that marked the institute’s
convocation ceremony in 2010.

swagata[at]nid [dot]edu


  • Discipline Lead, Ceramic & Glass Design