Events - March 11 / 12 / 13


BRAG (non-competitive) 

Let’s brag about YOU! This is an opportunity to share your college’s strengths in the field of art and design.  Put together a collection of your best work for THE most important event of RGB 2011, an exhibition of students’ creativity and talent from all over the country.

Design a panel including the best examples of your students’ work. The panel will be displayed in an exhibition of art and design from India’s premier institutes.

Download the Brag template from the Downloads section. Your panel should include high-resolution images and a brief description of each piece of work. E-mail us a PDF of your panel not later than the 26th of February 2011 to give us sufficient time to print and display all your work.

RAMP ATTACK (Team of 15-20)
12th March
“Bizarre Bazaar” – this year’s theme will look at apparel from a whole new perspective.

Bring out the chaos and madness of our Indian markets in your garments. Spice up the stage with your creations and choreography!

Choreograph a 10-12 minute show for  of RGB 2011.

REDESIGN (Teams of 3)
11th & 12th March
Bridge the gap. Let’s provide rural India with today’s technology. Take an urban product and redesign it to fit the Indian rural context.

      WASTED (Teams of 3)
12th & 13th March
Mission: Reconstruct. Planet earth is wasted. The mission lies right in front of you. Dive into this ocean of junk and build your way through it.

PHOTO PAADO (Teams of 2)
11th & 12th March
One day, one theme, five photographs.Lets look at what you see!

Participants must carry their own digital cameras.

TAKE ONE (Teams of 2-3)
11th, 12th & 13th March
Get reeling! Make a short film using anything from a Nokia to a Nikon.
After “Effects” watch your film on the big screen.
Shoot to be done using only digital media. Teams must bring their own sound recording equipment, cameras and laptops for editing. PCs with Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premier CS3 will be available, under prior notice.

LOCK HORNS (Teams of 3)
13th March
Whether you’ve got the gift of the gab or just plain enthusiasm, grab a mike and get vocal about your thoughts! Debate!


ORGAN-ISE (Teams of 3)
11th & 12th March
Is there a doctor in the house? ...Or at least a designer who thinks he’s one.
Find a way to break the barrier that keeps the physically challenged from being independent in today’s world.

LAPET (Teams of 3)
12th & 13th March 
Play a game of strategy with your marketing skills! We will give you a product to campaign for. Hype it up in the name of art and design, regardless of its functionality and then…. ADVERTISE.

FATA POSTER, NIKLA… (Teams of 4)
13th March
Unleash your blatant potential and spit it out on paper…because there are something’s words cannot explain... 
You must only use the materials provided.

CUT IT OUT (Teams of 3)
11th March
Cut, Copy, Paste. Literally! Build your own story using discarded magazines and other print material. Throw in a pinch of sense into the non-sense, give it your personal flavour, and voila! You have your very own comic book.

12th March
 So what’s it about this city that you would like to take back? Illustrate it via a set of post cards. Choose any style you wish to bring out the vibrance of this historic city.
ate these experiences in a set of 2 tourist postcards.

PEEK-A-BOO (non-competitive)
An all day public screening of student films (animation/video) from participating colleges as well as NID. Catch them at your leisure.

Send in student films from your institute. A maximum of ten Short Films per college are permitted.

To send your films, contact:
Kautuk Trivedi : +919662365286

12th March
You are on an adventure trip and ...MALFUNCTION! The thing that has stopped working is something you can’t leave behind but you can do some “jugaad” with it to aid your journey.

13th March
Be prepared for some high amplitude. Gear up for an evening of electrifying music!