This February, NID will be host to one of the most prestigious design festivals in the country- RGB 2012. Following a very successful 3rd edition, we’re pushing the festival beyond what it has accomplished thus far. With the ever dynamic nature of the existing design scenario in India, it is essential that every student designer has an independent vision for making a difference which can contribute to our national DESIgn projection. We want to unite design students in India and get them to interact.

RGB this year, has invited Indian design industrialists to this vibrant student carnival that’s brimming with ideas  and enthusiasm. We’re inviting various design studios, firms, professional companies as well as independent and established freelance designers to experience to our budding creative talent pool first hand. We want RGB to be that platform where students meet experienced design professionals, so that they are better acquainted and equipped to meet their design aspirations head on.

In addition to this, we will host a series of unique workshops and fun informal activities to foster more personal relationships. With original work across design spheres being shared alongside electrifying performances, RGB 2012 promises to be a bigger, better and wackier experience! So, do come along and be a part of it !


10, 11 & 12 FEBRUARY