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Pragati Sharma

Pragati Sharma
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Grottini Shop Systems, Italy

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Retail Design for Hobby Ideas

Retail Design for Hobby Ideas

My diploma project at Grottini, Italy was an experience of totality, like an academic course. It was a thorough course in applied design, management, international trends, market, culture, technology, et al.

The retail industry has a wide scope for design. At every level, a store as a product interacts with people as consumers, merchandisers, and staff; it has to be designed with sensitivity and innovation.

The flagship store at Mumbai was a ‘retailing prototype’ - meaning it had to qualify as a benchmark for the numerous stores in line through out the nation. Western case studies, study of the Italian and Indian retail markets, Indian art and craft etc were very relevant. I created scenario and personas to understand the target market and customers who value Indian craft traditions and look up to western elegance and quality. Apart from the basic layout design for the store, I also contributed in the designing of the fixtures, furniture, the new look and feel of the store, branding, signage, staff uniforms, collaterals, etc.

The project identified clearly a market for an exclusive hobby products store in India, and thus was quite significant.

The project was the perfect way to become a complete designer and brought with it vast learning to me in the form of a successfully running 6000 sq. ft. flagship store in Mumbai and many smaller Hobby Idea stores following the league all over the country.

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