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Design Classic Collection

The exhibition “Design today in America and Europe” was assembled by the Museum of Modern Art,
New York in response to an invitation by the Government of India, which felt that the exhibition could
perform a valuable function in presenting to the Indian public when India has started concentration on
the programme of Industrialisation in 1959 and this exhibition has travelled to different places of India.
It has been planned that objects in the exhibition will remain in India as a nucleous of a permanent
design collection and the objects were handeded over to NID and are in possession of the Institute.

The collection is mostly a display of furniture designs and other products from internationally celebrated
designers like Charles Eames from the US , Le Corbusier from France, Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies
Van Der Rohe from Germany, Poul Kjaerholm from Denmark, Bruno Mathsson from Sweden, Eero
Saarinen from the US and Hans J Wegner from Denmark among others. This Classic was founded to
encourage the study of design and inspire designers with examples of highest standard. These were
designs for the everyday life in Europe and America It emphasise on the challenges the designers face,
with respect to new materials, new technologies, design processes and of course aesthetics.. Some of
the designs were very artistic and truly classic and captivating.

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