Knowledge Management Centre

External Membership:

(1) NID Alumni, Retired NID Faculty members Staff and (2 ) Students and Faculty Members from Reputed Design Institutes and other Reputed Academic and Research Institutes like IIMs, MICA, IITs, ATIRA , IISC, etc.

This Membership is only for reference purposes. Archival Material for last five years is restricted to access

Per Day Membership (Monday to Friday only)

Weekly  Membership
(Monday to Friday only)

Photocopy Charges


Rs. 250/-

Rs. 1000/-

A4 size (B&W, Text)
Rs. 2/- per page

A4 size (B&W, with Images) Rs. 5/- per page

9.00 am - 6.00 pm

For any further information regarding this please contact: