Industry & Online Programmes

Industry & Online Programmes (I&OP)

As a measure of a proactive strategic approach, NID has set up the Industry & online Programmes department (I&OP), which regularly conducts design sensitisation and awareness workshops, seminars, and activities that provides competitive advantage through design. Through these programmes, NID shares the vast knowledge and skills of various faculties with professionals, practitioners, teachers from various industries, organisations, and institutions; and welcomes all those who wish to be associated with design.

NID is well known for its innovative pedagogy and unique teaching methods. NID has now also adapted to asynchronous teaching trends to introduce an online design education programme to keep pace with the changing ways in the field of education in a digitally and technologically enabled world in order to create learning opportunities for those who are otherwise unable to participate in full time training modules.

Apart from the above, during summer vacations, the I&OP department also conducts special programmes for school children and teachers to sensitise them towards design.

Throughout the year, the special workshops are organised for design professionals on specific topics either planned by faculty members or demanded by the client. Till date, through the department, NID has conducted many workshops and programmes that have successfully spread design awareness to various sectors in India and abroad.

Through Industry & Online Programmes, the institute welcomes all those who want to be associated with the field of design and NID’s contribution to the same.

Registration Fees:
Rs. 15,000 + GST for 3-day workshop
Rs. 25,000 + GST for 5-day workshop

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