Young Designers 2009

Salman Haidar
Governing Council


Chairman’s Message



The National Institute of Design (NID) has been at the forefront of design education in India since 1961, educating designers who have had a strong influence on society. It was established with the intention ‘to create an alert and impatient national conscience concerned with quality and ultimate values of the environment’. The iconic designers Charles and Ray Eames who laid the foundations of NID through their classic ‘India Report’, had a vision that NID should produce designers who should be trained to solve problems and also to help others solve their own problems.
For the last 48 years, NID has drawn on multidisciplinary effort to accomplish the vision of the founding leadership. NID’s curriculum has study methods that foster creativity and innovation across Industrial design, Communication Design, IT Integrated (Experiential) Design and Textile and Apparel Design. All these fields are linked together by an interdisciplinary studies program that builds bridges between art, science, technology and the humanities and provides designers the opportunities to reflect on the philosophy that underlies their professional practice. The wide range of educational and professional activities of NID sets out both to preserve India’s rich indigenous traditional design from the rural sector as well as provide sophisticated technological and design training for urban settings.
Design being a key element in value-based differentiation in international markets, NID emphasizes the importance of academic inter-linkages with design schools in other countries. Practicing designers and academics from several countries all over the world are invited to share their knowledge and collaborate with the NID family. Likewise, NID students and faculty also contribute intellectual perspectives to design abroad. It is a matter of pride that the graduates of this prestigious institution constitute a skilled, creative and talented global workforce who will influence change in communities both in India and abroad.
I congratulate this year’s graduates - the ‘Young Designers’ of 2009. Graduation represents for them more than an end to their education at NID; it also heralds the exciting beginning of their professional careers as designers. I am confident that this year’s graduating class of 2009 will make their mark in the design movement both in India and abroad. I wish them all success. Salman Haidar Chairman Governing Council