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Neha Nahata

Neha Nahata
Strategic Design Management >PGDPD

Reliance Retail

Krishnesh Mehta


Enhancing Customer Experience

New Business Design

The project is an attempt to create value by turning products into experiences; looking beyond the product, into ways in which it affects the consumers’ life. The project involved experiencing customers’ experiences, generating strategies that differentiate Reliance from its competitors and create value for the customer.

The process of enhancing customer experience involved studying various aspects that goes in forming retail experiences. I explored various domains viz. store design, visual merchandizing, service issues, training etc. that affects customer experience. Strategic design research was conducted in four cities to understand the changing needs and aspirations of customers. After the research was completed, gap areas were identified and strategic design business interventions were made for bridging the gap areas and devising new markets to add economic value to the organisation.
My recommendations have been appreciated and are under implementation under the direct supervision of Mr. Akhilesh Prasad, Senior Vice-President, Reliance Retail Operations.

As a strategic design manager, I employed unconventional tools and processes to understand customers on their terms; used strategic design research for valuable feedback; used this feedback to identify opportunities and new markets to be explored further; suggested innovative strategies to generate wealth; and, evolved strategies, action plans and processes to create a ‘blissful experience’.

My two years at NID have taught me unconventional skills and processes that were quintessential in proposing the strategies for Reliance Retail. This has resulted in a tremendous boost in my confidence levels.

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