Praveen Nahar


National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad is one of the first design schools of the country with a storied legacy tracing back to almost six decades. This unique institute was established in congruence with the nation-building and institution-building ethos of post-Independence India.

NID Ahmedabad is internationally renowned for achieving benchmarks in terms of creativity-centric educational pedagogy, design thinking and design-infused leadership in various sectors of Indian society, and it has also given an impetus to creative design practice and research in diverse domains.

Since its inception, design education, design practice, design research, and design promotion have been the key focus areas for the institute. NID has an enriched global perspective on design education and practice which it applies in the local contexts largely due to its distinctive institutional structure where all activities flourish in a very creative work environment.

NID is one of the few institutes across the world that offers 8 courses in the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) programme and 19 courses in the Master of Design (M.Des.) programme across diverse disciplines. It also offers a Doctoral Programme in Design.

Education is imparted through studios and labs, where constant hands-on learning and experimentation happens in an interactive teaching-learning environment. Today, NID Ahmedabad disseminates design education, practice, and research through three dedicated campuses, one each in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bengaluru. Each of these campuses focuses on the specific nature of design education. The institute always prepares its students for a future in flux with uncertainty and ambiguity as its key characteristics.

Today, over 5000 graduates from NID Ahmedabad have made their mark across the socio-economic and industrial canvas of India across a wide spectrum of activities; many have even made an impact internationally. These graduates are active in all sectors of the economy and have distinguished themselves in various fields; several others have become inspirational entrepreneurs who are proficiently engaged in a meaningful practice that expands the scope of design from tangible interventions to strategic roles.

I feel the time has now come to consolidate the rich experiences and unique institutional practices which NID has nurtured over these years. In the coming years, NID aspires to be a global leader in design research rooted in the unique ‘glocal’ milieu. NID aims to be at the forefront of pedagogical inquiries in design education and this will enable it to disseminate knowledge in varied forms.  With renewed vigour, the institute seeks to engage in academic practice that is informed by significant research into social, cultural, economic, and environmental spheres, emerging as a key driver of wealth creation. The institute shall endeavour to meet contemporary needs and future challenges and push the boundaries of design practice in hitherto unexplored fields of the subject.

NID has always received unwavering support from the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and institute’s Governing Council. It pillars, however, continue to remain its faculty, staff, students, alumni, national and international alliances, and all other stakeholders, whose cumulative efforts have made it the pioneering institution that it is today. I am truly honoured to be an integral part of this amazing NID community and to take strides together with it in this remarkably transformational journey of design in the years to come.

Praveen Nahar

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Praveen Nahar