The Institute offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls as per availability. This facility is currently available only for undergraduate students at the Paldi campus and for post graduate students at the Gandhinagar campuses. The Institute’s hostels in Paldi and Gandhinagar accommodate approximately 450 and 200 students respectively. The Bengaluru campus is a non-residential campus. The students may make their own stay arrangements, preferably near the campus. The Institute will provide necessary guidance to the students in this regard. Hostel accommodation is allotted every academic year on a single or shared occupancy. The allotment is based on the criteria drawn up by the Academic Office.

If the hostel facility is not convenient for any reason to a student, he/she may get an accommodation elsewhere on his/her own. NID is under no obligation to provide hostel facility beyond its capacity. Priority for hostel facility is given to outstation students. Students may choose to reside outside on appropriate PG/hired accommodation singly or in groups as the case may be. Students residing in the NID hostel must observe its prevalent rules and regulations. Each hostel has a warden who looks after its day to day functioning. It is the responsibility of the individual student to take care of his/her personal belongings including academic related work. The Institute accepts no responsibility for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on campus.


The Student Mess is run by the Institute on a contractual basis and a Students’ Mess Committee oversees its operation.

Full subscription to the mess facilities is compulsory for all hostel residents. The entire mess charges for each semester will be collected by the Institute in advance along with semester fees in the beginning of the semester.

Guest House

The Institute’s Guest House facilities may be made available only for parents of a student. Subject to availability of accommodation, this facility is on payment basis. Students can approach the Corporate & Media Relations Office for booking of the Guest House routed through the Registrar.

Health Care

A doctor is available at the campus dispensary for consultation and advice at specific timings. There are no hospitalisation facilities on campus. In an emergency, the local guardian shall be informed and arrangements can be made in only government hospitals when recommended by a doctor.

All payments pertaining to availing such facilities are required to be borne by the students directly. Mediclaim is compulsory for all students and a student will be required to produce a copy of the original document of Mediclaim at the time of registration. The student has to submit a copy of the Mediclaim at the beginning of every academic year. The Academic Administration/Wardens should be informed of any health problem and the action taken in this regard. In case of medical emergency at night the respective Hostel Warden should be contacted.


Problems such as anxiety and depression or concerns about relationships, eating disorders, alcohol,or drugs may affect people at one time or another. Although these problems may initially seem minor, they can increase in intensity and interfere with daily life. The institute consults professional counsellors and facilitates their meetings with students. The counsellors are available by appointment.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Students Activity Committee (SAC) is a sociocultural organisation of the Institute that prommote healthy academic environment and student friendly services including sports, social and special interest activities along with support and advice on any issue. Expenses incurred by the Committee are met by a fund created by student contributions over the year. The institute also contributes to this fund and other funds from time to time for any special activities or projects. The SAC is a non-political and nonadministrative body and is guided by the rules and regulations of NID for all its activities and does not have any legal or other status for any matter except as a facilitating body for advising students.

The Student Activity Council functions through its various committees, dealing with the canteen, sports, entertainment and through groups which plan social and cultural events on campus.

The three campuses have facilities for various outdoor and indoor games,  besides a gymnasium.

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