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The impact of design education programmes clearly shows that in the future skill development must form one of the major components of educational initiative to support the Indian economy. The challenge is to create a continuing education system to promote design education where the effervescence of the mass upsurge of the design education campaigns can be channelled into structuring a continuous and life-long learning process. Thus, CEP is taken up to make the learners aware of the power and significance of design education. The continuing education scheme is, therefore, multi-faceted and enjoys supreme flexibility to allow grassroots community participation and design enhancement initiative.

The following is the framework for the functioning of CEP:

  • To design equivalent programmes as an alternative to the existing formal general or vocational education.
  • Initiate income-generating short-term programmes where the participants acquire or upgrade their vocational skills and thereby take up income-generating activities.
  • Programmes which aim to equip learners and the community with essential knowledge, attitude, values and skills to raise their standard of living.
  • Individual interest promotion programmes to provide opportunities for learners to participate and learn about their individually chosen social, cultural, spiritual, health, physical and artistic interests.

CEP endeavours to achieve its objectives through the conduct of the following:

  • Conferences/Workshop
  • Symposiums
  • Formal lectures, courses, webinars

The courses and programmes designed are prepared to meet the needs and requirements of different target groups. In addition to the above, provide policy related inputs on all the above matters to the Institute's Senate, Standing Committee and Governing Council. 

Activities of the Centre

The short format educational activities of the Institute, such as industry workshops, online courses, executive workshops, summer workshops, etc., hitherto managed and coordinated by Industry & Online Programmes (I&OP), are now reorganized under the umbrella of 'Continuous Education Programmes (CEP)'. 

Consequently, the CEP department will continue to make the selection and award of projects through the consultancy scheme of NID, as per the established norms.


Continuing Education Programme
Email: cep[at]nid[dot]edu / ipp[at]nid[dot]edu
Phone:  +91 079 26629767 / 746

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