The Film and Video Communication discipline aims to transform students into versatile, design-informed directors, fluent in the conception and production of films for a range of educational, cultural, social, entertainment and marketing needs. The discipline focuses on building a strong foundation in visual communication skills, social studies and theoretical as well as technical aspects of film-making. The aims and applications of this medium have undergone a vast change in the last 100 years, with a growing number of audience segments that have emerged in recent years.

Therefore, the emphasis is on developing holistic conceptual abilities that are adaptable to changing technologies. Films made by students have won global appreciation with numerous awards in competitive film festivals in India and abroad. Graduates have built rewarding careers in advertising, film production, television, feature films, interactive media and ventures with government bodies and NGOs with specific developmental and communication agenda.

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Ahsam KR


Biju Kurup


Hitesh Kumar Chaurasia


Savyasachi Anju Prabir


Yaatra Khan






Ahmedabad Campus


Communication Design

Student Works

Initial part of the 1st semester, students get introduced to basic design skills and topics for broader understanding of subject and context of design education before they get introduced to knowledge areas pertaining to animation design in particular, as well as communication in its social and cultural contexts. In the later semesters, students are exposed to a workshop and project mode of learning where they experiment with various mediums (e.g. 2D,3D,Clay,Mixed Media, Pixilation, Experimental, Graphic Narratives etc.) to tell animation stories of many kinds. In addition, for students’ experiential learning, cross-disciplinary campus life, NID Film Club, Action Analysis, Field Visits, Case Study and other interactive sessions always give a value added experience.

After the initial inputs and dynamic curriculum, students’ projects eventually result in a unique and original product, which also brings various international and national awards and recognition from time to time. The department also exposes students with Chitrakatha; a biennial student international animation festival where many national and international experts of animation world come, share and interact about their work with the students.