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NID’s Centre for Bamboo Initiatives (CFBI) has been set up at various campuses for activities related to Bamboo based research, design, technical development and training. This is a platform for faculty members, students and designers for innovation, experiment and building new resources for bamboo sector in India and abroad. CFBI also support entrepreneurs with various knowledge and connect various stakeholders for building up bamboo based ecosystems to popularise its applications. The Centre also participates in various events nationally and internationally to promote various new development taken place at NID for the advantage of bamboo sector. CFBI also organises international seminars & workshops, world bamboo day events etc. at NID Bengaluru campus for the promotion of bamboo as a sustainable material for day to day life. New product development, joints, finishes, introduction of new tools and equipment, building curriculum and institutions are some of the major activities taken under by this centre.


Center for Bamboo Initiatives
Email: bamboocentre[at]nid[dot]edu
Phone: +91 80 2972 5006 | Ext. 115

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