Young Designers 2009

Akhil Succena
Activity Chairperson


Thought Leadership in Design...



Young Designers’ is a tradition that has been followed religiously every year at the National Institute of Design. Though it has consistency in its content, it also has a new and fresh look every time. I always cherish this moment and feel happy to release this publication.
Integrating work from three campuses, this document is a fine illustration of our students’ best work signaling a promising and great future ahead. The specializations of Digital Experience, Retail Experience and Transportation & Automobile Design are having their first batch graduating this year. This will to some extent fill the demand for qualified professionals being felt in these sectors.
The National Institute of Design is creating milestones in every field of design education, practice and research. The formation of the India Design Council initiated by NID is an evidence of the country’s recognition of this profession as an important growth engine for economic and social development, urgently required in almost every sector. Our model of Design Education is being recognized by various international agencies as one of the top 30 ‘D’ schools of the world. The National Institute of Design, through its many achievements and contributions to social and economic growth has become a ‘brand’ in itself. The Government of India has found this model ideal to replicate in various parts of the country to spread Design Education to the farthest corners of the country. This initiative will create a snowball effect in the next five years when many designers come out of these institutions and join industry as ‘Thought Leaders’ to bring about overall improvement in various industrial and service sectors.
NID has provided the catalystic impetus to the Design movement in the country. This has been achieved through a very competent faculty base and the motivated students of this premiere institution. This publication is a show-window to prove this point. I congratulate the entire editorial team who worked tirelessly to bring this years’ edition.
In the end I extend my heartiest congratulations to all the graduating students and their proud parents. I wish them all the best in their future as they proceed to make contributions both in the Indian and the international arena.