Young Designers 2009

Dawameren Imchen
Animation Film Design | PGDPD
Feeding the Cat
Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
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> Satire
> Storytelling universality
> Energy consumption
> Gestalt Lion
My film is a flight of fancy- an oblique satire on the energy needs of modern society. The desire for the film to be simultaneously educational and entertaining drew me to visual trickery and pantomime, completely throwing aside intelligible dialogue.

A gigantic machine with ten legs (named the ‘Gestalt Lion’) comes walking towards a petrol station. It stops. The people who are inside it rush out. They line up at the station counter, with a pipe for refueling. However, there is not enough fuel. An argument ensues. Finally, the customers give up. The machine, which wanted fuel badly, momentarily goes berserk, but it is subdued. Then all the people re-enter it and leave the scene. The narrative is open to interpretation.

The film is acceptable for every age, there is no unnecessary violence. My film is less about creation or synthesis, and more about observing. It is cold and detached. Essentially, I have utilized the conventional principles of the ‘non-existent’ film, where the editing is unobtrusive. The idea is to have just about everything as unremarkable as possible, freeing the viewer to focus on the one thing out of the ordinary – the ‘Gestalt Lion’. I enjoyed the playfulness of the 3D animation medium. My film makes substantial contributions in terms of providing a platform for visual flexibility. The film is also an exercise in storytelling universality. It communicates a contemporary issue without being region/culture specific. The process was fun and I am inspired by this line of design.
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Dawameren Imchen
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