Young Designers 2009

Aayushi Jindal
Ceramic and Glass Design | PGDPD
Rhythm of Forms
Guide Neelima Hasija
Sponsonr Art d' Inox, New Delhi
> Stainless steel
> Bone china
> Beverage set
> Lifestyle product
I completed my project with Art d’ Inox. With the thought of taking stainless steel to every home in India, the objective was to come up with some interesting and fascinating forms in bone china as the material has not been explored much within the context of steel. I decided to design a beverage set.

I had always worked with ceramics and clay but steel was a diametric opposite material to steel. My focus in designing was to blend forms, function, aesthetic and practicality while keeping in mind the material, the manufacturing process, the manner in which the product would be sold and the end buyer to whom it would be sold.

My inspiration for a beverage set was ‘nature’ and I took inspiration from different creations of nature. I came up with a range that depicts a celebration of life, perfect blend of form, functionality and comfort. Rhythmic circular forms that give the impression of sophistication, elegance merge in a harmonious floral juxtaposition with alternating shades of steel and delicate white.

The final collections included a beverage set with different components (i.e. teapot, sugarpot, Cup and saucer and milk pot); A serve range (cake platter, eating platter and bowl, stainless steel cake platter, a bone china serving bowl and a stainless steel trivet.) I also designed a service platter, a sandwich platter and a small bowl.
The entire project was an enriching experience that gave me a wider outlook towards the design field. The company gave me freedom to experiment and nurtured my creative thought processes.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
Ceramic and Glass Design 9
Aayushi Jindal
Anjani Kumar
Deepali Saharia
Diviya Jain
Mamta Sharma
Priyanka Chaudhary
Sakthivel Shanmuganathan
Suman Ghosh
Surmeet Kaur Tulsi
FID 11
PD 15
TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE 14
SDM 17
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD 10
Textile Design
ADM 17
LAD 10
TD 37
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