Young Designers 2009

Chandni Garg
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
Re-Inventing Kirana Formats in India
Guide C S Susanth;Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsonr Elephant Design Pvt Ltd., Pune
> Kirana stores
> Unorganized retail
> Organized retail
> Brand building
The retail sector in India is expanding and modernizing rapidly in line with India’s economic growth. My preliminary studies showed that unorganized retailers in the vicinity of organized retailers experienced a decline in sales and profit in the initial years of the entry of organized retailers.

My project focused on designing a model Kirana shop which preserves the already existing positive aspects and experiences attached to it and adds all the good experiences of the organized retail.

Considering the brief, the brainstorming sessions and two or more conceptual models, I finalized the ‘MSK’ model. The ‘Modern Standard Kirana’ is designed and proposed as a hybrid model wherein the users will find a hybrid model which encompasses an amalgamation of the family shopping experience of the modern formats and the personal touch of the traditional formats right under one roof. ‘MSK’ model is a organized store with two zones, the self browsing zone and the assistance zone catering to every kind of needs and requirements of the users. It will bridge the difference between the traditional formats and aspires to create its own identity in the upcoming market scenario.

After the concept was finalized, the detailed drawings were made to understand the space planning, space ergonomics navigation design of the new format. Apart from the cad drawings, I designed and detailed the logo, the store fascia, the promotional banners as well.

My project brought out a new skilled, inspired, ambitious enthusiastic person in me enhancing my knowledge levels to a complete new set of dimensions.
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Chandni Garg
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