1. Mask is mandatory inside the Institute till further notice
  2. Double Vaccination Certificate is mandatory to be shown wherever enquired within the campus
  3. Visits of students of other institutes through CMR must be done using advance intimation on email to cmr@nid.edu
  4. Students must support request email with bonafide letter from Institution alongwith bonafide college / institution ID in person during visit
  5. Visits of Institutional student groups in guided visits must not be more than 30 students per group during a time duration in a particular day
  6. Visit timings are from 10 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM on all working days
  7. Saturday, Sunday and during Institution declared holidays no visits will take place
  8. Proper Social distancing during visits is a mandatory norm
  9. Students of Coaching classes and non‐institutional establishments will not be permitted to enter the premises through CMR Office
  10. Any visits other than students of institutes using above criteria will need permission from the Competent Authority
  11. Visits through CMR for Director’s Office requirement will be done as per norms
  12. Foreign visitors visiting NID will need to show Vaccination Certificate to the security to comply with prevailing Government norms and as per Medical advisory.
  13. Photography and Videography are not allowed inside the campus as per Institutional norms