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Rohini Gosain

Rohini Gosain
Graphic Design > PGDPD

Adobe Systems, Noida

Immanuel Suresh


User Interface Solutions for Adobe RoboHelp and
Adobe FrameMaker

User Interface Solutions for Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe FrameMaker

I had to redesign the interface of two applications, Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp—the only indigenous products in Adobe India’s vault. These applications are technical writing tools used for documentation, user help manuals and other large-scale technical publishing material. Twenty years old, Adobe FrameMaker is a reputed tool in the world of authoring and publishing. Adobe RoboHelp is a well-known Help Authoring Tool.

Working on software is like a group of people running a multi-legged race. Each one’s movements affect the other team members. Each member works on smaller components that are constantly merged to check for inconsistencies with inputs from other team members. This gives rise to sensitive and intelligent user-centred design by programmers.

For Adobe RoboHelp, I had to check and propose changes in the workflows of the new features in the new version. I studied discrepancies existing in the product causing it to be inconsistent with other Adobe products, proposed changes and created icons for some new features consistent with the existing visual language of the application. I also redesigned more breathable, orderly and easy to use dialogue boxes of the application.
Working in a corporate environment, working in a new and unexplored area of user interface, making design heard and seen amongst loads of engineers and convincing them that it is essential, working with briefs with more constraints than to-dos, writing formal e mails, presentations to a non-design group—the learning from the project was endless and treasured.

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